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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tumbles and An Award!

My human is kind of grouchy. Just 'cuz I chased some birds and rabbits. Well, okay because I pulled so hard she fell down and dropped the leash. She gots bruises and scraped her hand and knee. But I came back! And I TRIED to lick it all better! And what was I supposed to do? THEY WERE BIRDS AND RABBITS!!!

But my tail is wagging 'cuz I got another award from Addie! I'm nominating Rusty and Lorenza and Opy for this one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I really like being outdoors. I tried to get there through this door but I couldn't fit. I could put my paws and my head through but then I got stuck. I don't know why my human has a door that's too small for me.

In our back yard there is a really interesting plant. I don't know why my human doesn't like me eating it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Windows and Awards and Such

I'm so excited! My human has been hogging the computer. She says she's working. Finally I get my turn. While she's been busy I discovered something wonderful! EVERY blinds in the house have a window behind them! Every single one!

I did NOT chew this one. It just kind of fell apart when I nudged it with my snout. But how else am I supposed to look out and see the dog next door?

And the other windows, well, I'm just so happy to know they are there!

The other thing I'm excited about is that Addie gave me an award! She is sooooo cool and likes to chew things—just like me. Here is the award.

The rules are that winners can put the logo on their blog. You're supposed to link back to whoever gave you the award and then nominate 7 more blogs! Put the links on your blog and leave messages on those blogs that they've been nominated.

I don't know a lot of doggies yet who have blogs and they are all sooooo cool! I looked to see who hasn't got the award yet and I found some friends who could use one. I nominate:

Moshi & Kibo
Lulu & Lolly

Scuba, Keiko, Toby & Norman

Oops, here comes my human. She says she needs the computer to work. I really don't understand why she doesn't just play all day! We could have so much fun if she did.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Much Better

I'm feeling much better and my human can take me on walks again. She still won't let me eat dead birds or dead squirrels though and I don't know why. You would think she would be glad I can find my own food! But she just goes ewwww when I crunch on bugs in the back yard and stops me with the leash when I try to eat what I find on our walks.

But it's fun to go on walks and even more fun now that it's not so hot. My human is willing to go farther before she says we have to go back home. I keep telling her we should take my toys outside to play but for some reason she doesn't want me to do that with the soft ones like the rope toy I chewed in two.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Storms of All Kinds

We didn't get the storm my human thought we would get. But she got upset yesterday anyway and made me go to the vet. I don't like going there even though most of the time they are very nice. They gave me nasty medicine and when I spit it out they gave me even more! And then they gave some to my human to give me at home. I have to take it again in a few weeks--and I don't like it.

Then, today, my human started a cleaning up storm. She took my rag toys and my blanket and put them in the washing machine and she washed a bunch of other stuff, too. AND she made me take a bath! A bath!

I don't feel so great and my human isn't too happy right now. The vet said maybe it was from when I was in the shelter and is changing the medicine I take every month. I hope it doesn't taste as bad as the medicine I had to take yesterday and today and tomorrow!

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Leash

Finally! My human got a retractable leash for me. That's what she calls it anyway. I call it freedom. I get to run up and down the gully and ahead and back on the sidewalk. It's much better than before. Now she doesn't constantly tug on my leash. I make sure that I go back beside her a lot so she doesn't get too lonely and we both have a much better time. By the time we get home I'm usually happy to rest.

Of course, she still doesn't get that I'm meant to chase birds so I've still got to work with her on that. But all in all, she's learning faster than I thought she would.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Being Left Alone

I really, really don't like being left alone. My human got upset when she got home and saw this. But all I wanted to do was look out the window and see where she was going!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Dog

I like my human's daughter. She comes and plays with me sometimes. And it makes my human happy when she does. But she brought another human and another dog! First I thought it would be fun. But the other dog didn't want me nipping her and growled.

It was fun to run around in the yard but not fun when the other dog was going to play with one of my toys. I've never had my own toys before. What if she didn't give it back? Fortunately, my human seemed to understand and put my blanket and my toys in another room and closed the door.

Still, I got kind of worried. What if my human liked the other dog better than me? It's scary when you know that humans sometimes stop loving you and you have to go to a cage and don't know if another human will ever take you home.

But the other dog left with the humans and I had my human all alone again. That was good. And I got to have my toys all for me. I want to play again with other dogs. I just want to be sure my human isn't going to stop loving me—or give away my toys.